About us

At Niños we love technology and we love children and young people

We believe that people are essentially a product of the information they were exposed to in their formative years and throughout their lives.

We want to use technology to change the face of learning amongst children and young people to ensure that the learning is truly fun!


Key Staff Profiles



Yudee Uzowulu is a British-born Nigerian mum of three spunky kids. She has a passion for innovation, technology and inspiring people.

Yudee has held multiple senior leadership roles in various sectors such as Banking, Financial Services, IT and Telecommunications, and other industries within the UK and internationally.

When she’s not busy overseeing the overall strategic direction and leadership of Niňos, or mothering her kids, Yudee is singing karaoke or immersed in a good book!



Jerry Jaricha is a technologically-inclined, talented and a fun-loving visionary. He is driven, vibrant and wholeheartedly believes that anything is possible to anyone who sets his minds to it.

Food, water and electricity are basic needs that Jerry would like to provide for third world countries someday, which would go a long way in creating an environment and lifestyle that is safe for children, especially for those in rural areas.

A relentless food explorer, Jerry’s taste-bud adventures range from the Nigerian Egusi soup and his homeland Zimbabwean spinach and peanut butter stew, to fresh Italian pasta dishes, and barbecued pig ribcage from the United States. During his free time, he puts his creative prowess to use, and makes inspiring food, and uplifting music.